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Some pictures of my lighting design for Le Balcon (Peter Eötvös / Jean Genet) by Le Balcon at Athénée theatre.

More infos here and here.

Photos from Meng PHU.

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The teaser video from Werther & Werther, my latest theatre lighting design with Arnold.

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A simple way to control a moving head with a finger to be used as a follow spot…

Hand skeleton is captured by Leap Motion sensor and sent to Max6 via LeapToOSC.

Max6 scales signal and creates DMX frames which are sent over ArtNet to a Martin Mac600 moving head through an Enttec Open DMX Ethernet box.

A Korg NanoControl is used to control other parameters (like dimmer or colors).

Special thanks to Mano BOURCART and Alexandre GOUJON who helped me to setup this experiment.

More infos here :

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Some short video samples of what is possible to do with a camcorder, a projector, some screens and Isadora for effects and mapping.

A camcorder captures some details on stage.

Its output is directly sent to the computer, processed in an Isadora patch and mapped on multiple screens on stage via a single projector.

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A simple way to control Led Pixel Mapping using paint…

The black paper sheet is filmed by the camera and the video signal is acquired by a Max6 patch which downscales images to obtain a 4x16 pixels matrix.

RGB values of each video pixel are translated in DMX to control the light pixels of the 4 led tubes.

Any video signal (live or pre-recorded) would have worked, but the paint seemed more fun!

See also :

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Yesterday, I took some B&W photos during a walk in Paris, testing my new Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 lens.

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Some pictures from Pierrot Lunaire at Athénée theatre, my lastest light design for Le Balcon.

More infos here and here.

Photos from Meng PHU.

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Cretan Offices

3 weeks in Crete, 1 computer, 20 offices…

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Import XDCAM EX footage in Premiere Pro CS6 for mac

I recently looked for a way to import video footage using XDCAM EX codec in Premiere Pro CS6 for mac.

When I tried to import these files, I always had this error : “codec missing or unavailable”.

After some hours of googling, I found an article that solved my problem and may be useful for you too :

You just have to download ProApps QuickTime codecs, to unpack it and to copy QuickTime components to the right place.

Have fun !

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First try of video control with ReacTIVision…

The setup includes 3 fiducials on a glass table with a camcorder below, a computer and a TV…

The camcorder films the 3 fiducials and transmits images to computer.
ReacTIVision analyses images to detect positions and orientations of fiducials and transmits them via TUIO protocol to PD, which makes a bit of scaling and transmits formatted values to Isadora.
Isadora plays 3 videos at the same time and moves them according to the values received from PD.

There is some lags and loose of tracking : I think that’s because my hardware setup (table + fiducials + camcorder + light) isn’t very optimized…